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Daniela Pica

Daniela PicaEmail:


2013 Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Ecology
2009 M.A. in Marine Biology
2005 M.A. in Environmental Sciences

Research interest:

Daniela Pica studies benthic marine organisms of hard and soft bottoms. In particular, she is specialized on taxonomy and autoecology of sponges, cnidarians and bryozoans from Mediterranean basin and tropical regions. Since March 2013 she is employed as a PostDoc in the Polytechnic University of Marche mainly working on Tyrrenian mesophotic habitat and studying the distribution and rule of species engineers along the Marche region (Italy) with implication for managements and conservation.

During the Ph.D. she studies the taxonomy and ecology of Stylasteridae (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) through diving expeditions in the Indo-Pacific region. She investigates the morphology by standard methods (SEM) and analysing also the skeleton structures by means of 3D X-ray computed microtomography technique with synchrotron radiation. Moreover, she studies the taxonomy, the reproduction strategies and the development of stylasterids.

As principal investigator, she obtains grants for two projects from the European Union (Assemble and Synthesys) and from the Smithsonian Institution. She is now actively involved in the Green Bubbles RISE for sustainable diving: ( and in the past she was involved in several national and regional projects (Ritmare, Prin 2014, Regione Marche, Area Marina Tor Paterno and Torre del Cerrano).

She has great experience in dive surveys and collection methods. She has several informatics skills (GIS, LATEX and TEX machine language, VGStudio MAX and ImageJ) and knowledges in laboratory instruments (SEM, histological analysis, rotary evaporators, casts method with resin and basic laboratory equipment).